Proper Nutty Peanut Butter

Here at Proper Nutty, we’re a small team and we all do a bit of everything, from filling jars with freshly roasted peanut butter to packing the online orders, we all pitch in with whatever needs doing.


Stuart is a co-founder of Proper Nutty and he is obsessive about all things peanut butter! He’s been making peanut butter since 2013 and is always looking for new ways to make the best peanut butter possible. These days he can usually be found in the factory tinkering with the machines to keep the peanut butter flowing. Stuart’s favourite way to eat peanut butter is on freshly toasted granary bread with sliced tomatoes and loads of black pepper!


Kathryn is also co-founder of Proper Nutty and is the detail person on the team. She makes sure that everything is done “proper-ly” and that her high standards are consistently met. Kathryn does all the recipe development. She has tried every single one of the recipes on our website and is never short of willing testers to try new goodies! Kathryn’s favourite way to eat peanut butter is the old classic on toast with sliced banana.


Graeme is the nutty one in the team which is a help when he’s out and about seeing customers and waxing lyrical about all things Proper Nutty. Graeme is a petrol head, so watch out when he gets behind the wheel of the forklift! Graeme is also a real chilli head, so his favourite way of eating peanut butter is in satay sauce – extra hot!


Kat makes sure that the admin side of the business runs smoothly and that we don’t run out of peanuts. When not in the factory, Kat is a keen distance runner, so her favourite way to eat peanut butter is straight out of the jar with a spoon right before a run!