Proper Nutty Peanut Butter

We’re Stuart & Kathryn Franklin, the friendly nuts behind the Proper Nutty brand.  In 2005 we moved abroad where we developed a taste for really good quality peanut butter that hadn’t been messed around with too much or contain anything that doesn’t need to be there!

Nom nom nomSoon we found that we were using peanut butter, not just spread on toast for breakfast, but in other meals and recipes.  (Have a look at some of our inspired peanut butter recipe ideas!)

When we moved back to Yorkshire in 2012 it was one of the things we really missed, so we started to make our own.  When friends and family tasted our homemade peanut butter they really liked it and suggested that we should make it on a larger scale.  So we did.

With experience in the food retail world, it wasn’t long before we moved from our kitchen table to a little factory in Dewsbury, installed a roaster and a grinder, and now we make all our own artisan peanut butter to commercial standard and consistent quality.  We’re small enough to give our expert hands-on care to every aspect of production, and we’re big enough to supply shops all around the country and beyond.  One could say we make little jars of wholesome goodness with a big heart!

We slowly roast our peanuts in small batches and then carefully grind them until they naturally attain our unique Proper Nutty smunchy texture.  Nothing artificial goes into our peanut butter.

Our “Nowt but Nuts” is 100% peanuts and our “Slightly Salted” only contains 0.5% natural sea salt, that’s it!

And just in case it’s something you haven’t come across before – peanut oil rising to the top is natural, so simply give it a stir when you open the jar and it’s ready to be enjoyed… in something, on something, however you like to savour your Proper Nutty!

Smunchy Love